Mission Planning

Time spent planning the photos or videos you want will save you wasted time in the air, setup costs and extra flights EVERY time. There is no cost to discuss your project and work out a general Mission Plan. We can often give you an exact price over the phone, once we know the scope of your project. A few simple high-def photos or 20 minutes of unedited HD video can be as little as $100-$150 if there is less than 1/2 hour travel involved.

WEATHER: We normally plan for an alternate weather day (which could be just for the best lighting). We don't charge extra flight time if we miss an opportunity because of weather but we may charge travel time if we get there and you decide conditions are not right. No cost if we don't go, and we'll help you make those weather decisions early.

Altitude: Up to 400ft.Above Ground - FFA Aviation Rules for UAVs
Area: In sight of takeoff point- Generally 1500 feet or so.
Time: about 20-30min each flight. Unlimited flights. Day or night. Virtually all weather except icing conditions.

People: We keep 10m (~30ft) away from everything generally depending on if they are the purpose of the shot. No direct overflight. We have active collision avoidance sensors that will stop flight into any solid surface (like your head). If filming will recognize faces, then individuals must know and consent to being filmed, especially if it's for commercial use. Also, we need the written permission of the property owner to be on the property. (e-mail is fine). 

Flight Rates vs Day Rate

Each flight, if it's well planned, is about 10-25 min and we can do up to 3x20 minute flights in an hour on-site. That is usually more than enough time to capture half an hour of HD video or dozens of quality still shots, with excellent detail. We can survey an entire 100 acre property in 1-2 flights to survey drains, find lost cattle in the woods or check crop growth. If your activity is Base Jumping or climbing cliffs we may need to hang around all day and do multiple flights, over several hours, to capture the one shot of activity you want. Then a 1/2 day or full day flat rate of $600-$1200 may apply and that includes some basic post processing. Detailed Mission Planning might reduce that cost again, depending on location or a clear and simple goal for the whole shoot.